The Prêt à Partir group

Our fleet has nearly 900 vehicles and 482 employees and a rich experience of more than 70 years in the transport of students and long-haul passengers.

Our company

A family business rooted in the north-east of France for more than 70 years, Prêt à Partir brings together nearly a thousand employees around different professions. Since 1948, Prêt à Partir has been transporting students on their way to school, users on their daily trips and travelers eager to discover the world... A rich and beautiful experience of more than 50 years on the roads by your side !

Our priorities

User safety and satisfaction, but also accessibility and respect for the environment: the group was the first passenger transport company in eastern France to commit to the “Objective CO2” approach. This voluntary environmental approach is an essential project, supported by all employees.

Passenger transport specialist

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